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   1st Players of the Month announced...            


"Player of the Month" - Bullets SC has implemented an award/recognition program for U8s thru U14s.
One player on each team who exemplifies certain qualities of ability and attitude is selected as their team's "player of the month" and given a special shirt in recognition of their effort.
The criteria for the award is as follows:

1. Practice attendance
2. Work ethic
3. Overall attitude
4. Player skills
5. Team leadership
6. Sportsmanship

The first players to receveive the award are:
U8 Black -
U8 Silver -
U10 - Cayden Watanabe
U12 Black - Sofiri Ibelema
U12 Sliver - Gisselle Velazques
U14 - Harley Huguley

There was a glitch in the U10 schedule that's been corrected. Please note the changes.

If any of you take some good action pictures at the various games and send them to us we'll post them in the box (above left).


It's awesome and inspiring to have 7 Bullets players coaching this season!
6 of the 7 grew up playing for the Bullets, the other has played adult amateur soccer with the Bullets since Fall of 1999.
5 of the 7 are coaching their kids as Bullets players, the other 2 don't yet have kids.  6 of the 7 are still playing adult soccer with the Bullets "Black" adult team.


Fall 2016 Lineup


Bullets SC DIRECTORS and MANAGERS - Fall 2016
CLUB - Mark McElroy CONCESSIONS - Rhonda Deaton
REGISTRATION - Julie McElroy FIELDS - Mark McElroy
COACHING -  Mark McElroy  
 U6-S   Robert Reed / Henry Oseguera  U12-S  Tethia Mbana / Alberto Leon
 U6-B   Robert Reed / Edmund Ashdown U14  Mitchell McElroy / Kevin Victoria
 U8-S  Jordan McElroy / PJ Miranda Adults  
 U8-B  Dung Huynh / Alberto Leon  Black  Alex Colvin
 U10  Vaughn Barclay / Brandon Ford    Sliver  Mark McElroy
 U12-B    Armando Castre / Dung Huynh    



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